About Us
In Memoriam

The Road Dawgs®  Motorcycle Club is made up entirely of full and part time police officers, active and retired. We are a club that has no affiliation with any other motorcycle club in the country. We are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who are not going to bring attention or disrespect to law enforcement or the club. Any member who violates the Articles or By-Laws, as established, or causes undue or negative attention to law enforcement or the club will have their membership terminated. The primary goal of the Road Dawgs® is to promote riding and friendship among the law enforcement community. Unlike other clubs, there is no requirement to own a Harley Davidson motorcycle to join, however, cafe style racers and “crotch rockets” do not meet club standards.

The Road Dawgs® were originated in June 1995. The initial intent of the group was to form a list of police officers that could call each other rather than ride alone. It took approximately 14 months to come up with a name that would not be offensive or in any way align itself with deviant behavior, demonic animals or off the wall beliefs. The color combination of the rockers and patch would also have to be light in nature and not resemble the colors of an outlaw motorcycle group.

The initial club run was made in September 1996 when six members of the original New Hampshire Chapter made a two day, 1100 mile run to Maryland to attend the national troopers Coalition (NTC) picnic.

We require applicants to have a sponsor for the probationary period and we will conduct some light background work. There is an initiation fee that covers first year’s dues, rockers, patches and pins and chapter dues on a yearly basis thereafter. Members are issued a booklet containing the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws and are required to know and respect the principles of the club and what it stands for.