The Road Dawgs Motorcycle Club

is a non-profit organization totally comprised of dedicated federal, state, county, and local active or retired Law Enforcement officers with NO EXCEPTIONS. We cherish our pronounced senses of Brotherhood and Fraternity and are dedicated to fostering pride in honorable service to our club, our profession, our community, and our nation. WE WELCOME ELIGIBLE PROSPECTS. We require applicants to have a sponsor for the probation period and we will conduct some light background work.


The Road Dawgs Motorcycle Club Inc. is a registered non-profit organization. The club originated in 1995 in New Hampshire. The club was formed by a New Hampshire State Trooper who was looking to put together a group of Police officers who could call on each other to attend motorcycle runs rather than riding alone. It took fourteen months to come up with a name for the club that would not be offensive or align the club with some type of deviant behavior, a demonic symbol, or off the wall beliefs. The color combinations of the rockers and center patch are intentionally light in nature so as not to resemble the “Colors” of any outlaw motorcycle club.

The purposes for which the Road Dawgs® Motorcycle Club of the United States, Inc. was formed are as follows:

  1. Be operated, as a nonprofit organization for such purposes as shall be consistent with exemption from federal tax under Section (501) (c) (7)
  2. Provide supportive aide to state and local charities.
  3. Actively advance the safety of motorcycling through demonstrated example.
  4. To promote a spirit of cooperation, mutual support and fraternalism among members of the Road Dawgs® Motorcycle Club of the United States, Inc. and the police community as a whole.


Membership in the Road Dawgs Motorcycle Club Inc. is based on the common bond developed as brothers in the Law Enforcement profession. EVERY member in EVERY chapter is considered a brother and bases this relationship on a sense of LOYALTY and RESPECT for one another. Since its inception the club has always promoted and maintained the belief that a members responsibility is to his family first, the job second and then the club.

The Road Dawgs Motorcycle Club Inc. has NO affiliation with ANY OTHER MOTORCYCLE CLUB. We are a respectful group of motorcycling enthusiasts who do not bring negative attention to Law Enforcement or the club.

The Road Dawgs take pride in being one of the few that can honestly say they are comprised solely of SWORN or RETIRED LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.

A Police Officer's Prayer

Lord, I ask for courage ~ Courage to face and conquer my own fears ... Courage to take me where others will not go.

I ask for strength ~ Strength of body to protect others, and strength of spirit to lead others.

I ask for dedication ~ Dedication to my job, to do it well, Dedication to my community, to keep it safe.

Give me, Lord, concern for those who trust me, and compassion for those who need me.

And please, Lord, through it all, be at my side.