in memorium

Simon Fraser
June 9 1963 - May 16,2017
Simon Fraser Simon Fraser was a retired Sergeant from the Toronto Ontario Police Service. Simon served for over 28 years and after his retirement he spent the following years working tirelessly on behalf of Law Enforcement Officers suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Injuries. Simon moved to Venice Florida where he became a member of the Port Charlotte Chapter of the Road Dawg Motorcycle Club. Simon passed away while riding with his club brothers while returning from the 2017 National Police Week ceremonies in Washington DC.

Joseph Raymond Pokorny, Jr.
End of Watch - December 12, 2005
Joseph Raymond Pokorny, Jr. Corporal Joseph Pokorny was shot and killed in the line of duty on Dec. 12, 2005 in Carnegie, PA.
After initiating a traffic stop, a struggle ensued and the suspect was able to gain control of Corporal Pokorny's service weapon. The suspect then shot him in the neck and chest. The round that struck him in the chest entered an area around his armpit not protected by his vest. The suspect then stole Corporal Pokorny's service weapon and fled the scene. Cpl. Pokorny died at the scene.
The suspect, who had been on parole for less than one month, was taken into custody and officially charged with Corporal Pokorny's murder two days later. On October 24th, 2007, the suspect was sentenced to life in prison without parole.
Corporal Pokorny had served with the Pennsylvania State Police for 22-1/2 years, and was assigned to Troop B, Pittsburgh.
Corporal Pokorny was also an active Road Dawg Member and the First Road Dawg killed in the line of duty.

Gary Norton
End of Watch - May 11, 2012
Gary Norton On May 11, 2012 we lost a great man, father, husband, Sergeant, and brother. Gary “Wrongway” Norton loved being on his motorcycle, and with his brother Road Dawgs when he was not working at Bedford Police Department.

Gary earned his nickname by always making a wrong turn at the intersections. Therefore, he was never able to be the Road Boss and became the Sgt-At-Arms.

Gary was always willing to go for a ride, whether it be a short ride or a long ride. He always looked forward to making the runs to DC for police week.

Gary always had a smile on his face. He was always willing to help out brother Dawgs or their families. R.I.P. Wrongway you will never be forgotten.

Richard Diamond
End of Watch - December 16, 2017
Richard Diamond Richard "Breeze" Diamond born June 1958. Breeze began law-enforcement career with Hudson Falls Police Department in 1979 as a Patrolman, he was promoted to Sergeant 1987, promoted to Detective 1993 and retired October 2002. Breeze was a member of the Warren County Drug Task Force for many years.

Breeze joined the Lake George NY Road Dawgs in 2009. In 2013 Breeze became the President of the Lake George Chapter. In 2016 Breeze also became the National Road Boss.

Breeze and his wife of over 35 years, Jennifer, have two sons Kyle and Jason who both followed in their father‘s footsteps by being past members of the Road Dawgs as well as local law-enforcement officers holding the positions of Detective and Investigator. Rick also has 5 grandchildren who he was extremely proud to have them call him Papa. Breeze passed away on December 16, 2017 of a heart attack at his residence.

John Lawrence Ridlon
End of Watch - November 29, 2009
Gordon Angus Gillis John Lawrence “Plowboy” Ridlon was a Boston Police Officer assigned to Area A, helicopter pilot and member of the Boston Police SWAT Team. John loved his nickname and lived up to it every day he could. He was a great friend and brother. His sense of humor and ability to get involved in the strangest situations he is sorely missed.

(Plowboy and Gordie at the State Police Memorial Event at the Framingham Headquarters)

Gordon Angus Gillis
End of Watch - June 10, 2016
Gordon Angus Gillis Gordon Angus "Gordie" Gillis finished his law enforcement career at the Department of Corrections and retired from MCI Norfolk. He had many jobs in his lifetime in and outside of law enforcement. He owned a wood stove company and held a patent on the design of a stove that burned more efficiently. A former Marine who never left the corps, he loved being a Marine throughout his whole life. He also had a career as a women’s underwear sales man and entertained many a brother at the bar by guessing the bra and cup size of the female bar patrons in the area. A true gentleman, friend and a mentor for everyone.